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Kincora Consulting is a bespoke Asia-Pacific based aviation consultancy offering our expertise in the technical aspects of aircraft leasing and asset management. Founded in 2019 with our headquarters in Hong Kong, our qualified and experienced team are available to meet your customized needs anywhere in the region or globally.

Our Services

Take advantage of our deep technical expertise in the full range of large commercial aircraft maintenance.

Key Services

Annual/Mid Term Inspections

Kincora Consulting is available to perform annual and mid term inspections on behalf of clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Services provided include aircraft documentation and records reviews and aircraft on-site physical inspections. Comprehensive and detailed audit reports will be provided to clients supporting lease management activities.

MRO Technical Representation

Kincora Consulting can provide on-site check oversight and technical representation on behalf of clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Services provided include maintenance check progress status monitoring and reporting, routine and non-routine activity vetting and technical documentation and compliance auditing.

Aircraft Transitions and Redeliveries

Kincora Consulting can support clients in the Asia-Pacific region for aircraft transitions and redeliveries, with our scope of services including aircraft documentation and records reviews, aircraft on-site physical inspections and aircraft modification and component LLP assessments.

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Kincora Consulting

A bespoke Asia-Pacific based aviation consultancy